IRIS Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot, Lavender, Home Fragrances, Risk Free, Easy to use




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Product Description

Iris Home FragrancesIris Home Fragrances

Brand story

Inspired by the Goddess of the Rainbow, Iris, our perfume artists have delved into creating home fragrances that brighten the mood and spirit, just as a rainbow would on a cloudy day. The soft fragrances enhance the aesthetics of your space while adding a tantalizing and sensual aura to the ambiance around you.

Perfecting the blends and notes of natural ingredients, Iris prides itself in providing a calming atmosphere through a range of delicately-blended aromas. It has the elegance and ability to change the mood, anywhere and everywhere.

Evoke the space you imagine with Iris.

Elegance of Iris Reed Diffuser

Smoke-free Smoke-free

Flame and Heat-free Flame and Heat-free

Aerosol-free Aerosol-free


Iris Lavender Home Fragrance is a functional aroma set which is thoughtfully designed to keep your home clean and feeling fresh without the hindrance of smoke.

Flame and Heat-free

Our home fragrance makers and designers have created Iris Lavender Reed Diffuser Set to be a safe experience for everyone at home.


Iris Lavender Home Fragrance doesn’t leave behind any liquid droplets in the air,other than a clean and dry, wonderful aroma in your home.

Designed with a purpose

Au NaturaleAu Naturale

Gifts that careGifts that care

Inspired décor Inspired décor

Au Naturale

The natural mélange of Iris Lavender Home Fragrance breathes serenity into your home. It relieves stress with the safe release of the relaxing aroma.

Gifts that care

The sophisticated blend of herbs with lavender perfected by our perfumers is a gift that displays thoughts of care and affection.

Inspired décor

Iris Home Fragrances are designed to complement any space with its enchanting scent, while the diffuser’s simple and alluring structures add an enriching natural tone to the space.

Delightful Spaces


Drawing RoomDrawing Room

Study RoomStudy Room

Childrens RoomChildrens Room


Drawing Room

Study Room

Children’s Room

Classic Home FragrancesClassic Home Fragrances


Range of Products

Have you experienced the sensual delight with our variety of IRIS Home Fragrance products? As great believers in the power of fragrances, we know the refreshing effects our products have on the body and mind. You can set a calming and relaxed mood for your space with our range of candles, potpourri, and reed diffusers.

Scented Candles

Our scented candles are designed to look charming while emitting fragrance until the very end. Our candles are functionally handcrafted to not drip, be smokeless and to suit any occasion.


Potpourri is loved for its delightful visual appeal and refreshing fragrances. They work wonderfully well, both, at home or in office spaces. The mixture of dried plant material adds a natural and rustic look to the space, while its gentle fragrance purifies the air.

Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers, with their essential fragrance oil, add charming notes to the air of your space. The reed diffuser sticks are porous by nature. Once immersed partially in a bottle of fragrance oil, the fragrance travels all the way up the reed. When it reaches the top of the reed the fragrance, ever so gently, wafts across the room.


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