Oussum Satin Silk Pillow Covers Stripe Pillowcase with Envelop Closure for Hair and Skin Cushion Cover Home Bad Decor Set of 2 (Lumbar, Jolly Green)




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Product Description

Oussum Pillow CaseOussum Pillow Case

Striped Pillow CaseStriped Pillow Case

Get this beautiful pair of ultra-soft and silky satin pillowcases for your bedroom decor.Beauty sleep isn’t just about getting the recommended seven to nine hours of shut-eye — as depending on what you’re sleeping on, you may actually be damaging your hair, skin, and eyelashes through the course of your nightly repose.There are several beauty products that promise to work their magic while we sleep, but one tip we highly recommend is Oussum high-quality satin pillowcase.This high-sheen satin fabric can do wonders for both your hair, as well as your skin, and sleeping on the right Standard, king, and queen size pillowcase can mean the difference between locks that are healthy and shiny, or dull damaged, and dull lax skin, or skin that is firm and radiant.

Pillow CasePillow Case

Pillow CasePillow Case

Green Pillow CaseGreen Pillow Case

Oussum Pillow CaseOussum Pillow Case

Elegant design and Striped patternMaterial: Silk SatinEasy to match your Regular, Standard, King Queen size bed.Size: Available in Lumbar, Regular, Standard, King Queen size bedColors: Available in many colors.

Orange Pillow CaseOrange Pillow Case

Green Pillow CaseGreen Pillow Case

Blue Pillow CaseBlue Pillow Case

Green Pillow CaseGreen Pillow Case

Oussum Pillow CoverOussum Pillow Cover

Oussum is the one-stop online store for all your fashion wardrobe and home needs. Inspired by the international runways, celebrity looks, and on-trend street style, Oussum offers exceptional fashion at pocket-friendly prices, delivered to your doorstep!

Our beautifully Items are all printed and stitched from quality material in India. With their bright colors and open design, they will flatter anyone who uses them. From playful to elegant, you can create just about any look you love with our versatile collection.

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Hair Protection – Silky and smooth satin pillowcases protect your hair to keep tangle and frizz free.
The satin cooling pillow cases are designed to help you get a great night sleep while also helping to regulate body temperature, and shield you from allergens.
Closure – Our Envelope closure end design prevents your pillows from escaping from the pillowcase during your sweet dreams – No zipper allows for easy on and off design to bring you a unique and pleasant experience.
Care instruction – Turn the satin pillow case inside out, place inside a mesh laundry bag, and wash with a mild detergent. Machine washable on gentle cycle in gifted fine mesh delicate bag. Hand wash in cold water with delicate-friendly or silk-specific liquid detergent. Lay flat to dry.
Measurement: Regular (18 x 27) In | (46 x 69) CM, Standard (20 x 26) In | (51 x 66) CM, Lumbar (16 x 24) In | (41 x 61) CM, Queen (20 x 30) In | (51 x 76) CM, King (20 x 40) In | (51 x 101) CM.
Package Content – Silk Satin 2 pillow covers with envelope closure & Free Scrunchi [ Filler or Insert Not Included]
Note – In order to select the desired measurement, indicate the measurement on the longest side of your pillowcase and then send me a small message when validating your basket with the precise measurements.


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