Pure Source India Aroma Diffuser Oil (Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Mogra), 15ml Each, Multicolour – Set of 6




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Product Description


We Offer A Wide Range of Aroma Essential Oils.

We Pure Source India offer a wide range of aroma essential oils in diff diff packings, as per your need you may buy the same, our essential oil is coming well packed in all sizes, if you going to buy 10 or 15 ml it’s coming in amber glass bottle, 100 ml coming in pet bottle, 500 ml and 1 ltr is coming in aluminum bottle packing, all the packing we made by keeping in mind of Storage, Effectiveness, transit safety etc.

We are not using any harmful ingrediency in our essential oils, you can use our oils in your home, office, hotels, restaurant etc. our oils are multipurpose and you can use as per your need,

Our moto behind making some combo for customer is to make available more option in your place, so you can use the fragrances as per your or your family convenience, to change your mood accordingly,

Essential oil we offer can be use in:

Aroma Burner | Candle Making | Soap Making | Body Massage | Room Freshener | Oil Diffuser | Potpourri Refill And Many More Places As Per Your Choice.

The Perfect Use of Aroma Essential Oil Given Below Fragrance Wise


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Aroma Oil (10/15ml Pack)

Available in 10/15 ml pack in amber glass bottle.

Diffuser Oil (100ml Pack)

Available in 100 ml pack in pet bottle.

Aroma Oil (500ml)

Available in 500 ml pack in aluminum bottle.

Aroma Oil (1000ml)

Available in 1000 ml/1 ltr. pack in aluminum bottle.

Chemicals Free

Packing Bottle
Amber Glass Bottle Amber Glass Bottle Amber Glass Bottle Pet Bottle Aluminum Bottle Aluminum Bottle

Can Use In Aroma Oil Burner

Can Use In Soap Making

Can Use In Candle Making

Potpourri Refill

Relaxation and sleep: The best use of essential oil lies in their ability to help you unwind at the end of a hard day, and our oils excel in this
Helps you to get you refresh: try these oils in the room where you spend most of the time. We never recommend this oil to use on your body, these all are good to use in aroma, diffuser, candles, potpourri, room fragrance.
Safer alternative to candles and incense: If you have pets or small children burning candles or incense can be hazardous, in such a case aroma oil diffuser comes to your rescue.
Repels insects: These oils help you to overcome the problem of mosquito, house flies, fruit flies and moths


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