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electric aromaelectric aroma



Multipurpose Ceramic Made Electric Aroma Burner

If you are looking for a device which is able to fragrance quickly your house / office and very simple to use you just go for it.

It’s multipurpose aroma diffuser which can be use for :-

1. Aroma oil / Essential oil.

2. Camphor / Kapoor

3. Wax Tard / Scented Wax Cube etc…

How Can Use With Any of Aroma / Essential Oil As Per Your Choice.

Many More Customer Asking that how they can use it with essential oil, the best way to use it with essential oil is :-

1. Simply place it first where you want to use and fill the top bowl with normal water about 80 %.

2. Pore 4 to 5 Drop of Any Essential oil as per your choice or if it’s coming with your pack you buying.

3. Switch on the light and wait for about 10 minutes, within very short time it’ll start vaporization and you able to feel in the room.

Note: Some time Customer Complain they are not getting fragrance / very hard fragrance, It’s very simple to manage as per your test : –

Simply add few more drop if you not getting good fragrance, or add little more water in the bowl if fragrance is coming hard / you feel strong. there is no rocket science in it, it’s very simple to maintain as per your personal choice,

How Can Use It With Kapoor / Camphor .

Many More Customer use Kapoor / camphor in there house or offices, Camphor helps in killing germs. It is also an excellent way to purify the air in the surroundings of your home.

Burning Camphor keeps your home odor free.

Camphor acts as an effective insecticide. Camphor contains properties, which act as an efficient natural insecticide.

How can use this device correctly with camphor-

Simply put few slab of camphor or tablet in the top bowl, switch on the light, within 10 to 15 minutes it’ll start the magic in your house. you may buy Pure Source India Camphor also if you really want to enjoy high quality of camphor in your house or offices, it’s available on Amazon.

Dimension of This Aroma Oil Diffuser / Camphor Burner

As per the feedback of Customers we designed and kept this device very handy, the size is given below : –

Bottom Dia – 4.5 inch / 11.5 cm.

Top Dia – 2.75 inch / 7 cm.

Height – 5 Inch / 13 cm.

Wire Length – 3.25 / 3.5 foot.

Water carry Capacity: 25 to 30 Ml About.

Camphor Carry Capacity: 20 TO 30 Grams About.

It’s very much suitable to place on bed side table, dining table, home temple, office table, washroom etc.

Electric aroma blueElectric aroma blue

Are Facing Issue In Your House or Office of Bad Odor. You May Go For.

Some Time we face issue of bad odor in our house from hare and there due to many more reason what we can’t control, in that case this device is very useful,

You just take this and either use with essential oil or simply use with camphor as per our instruction given to use it with oil / camphor

how to change the bulbhow to change the bulb

Instruction how to Change The Bulb if Needed.

This Electric Oil Burner Is coming fitted with 15 wt halogen bulb, you just need to place the bulb from bottom available space, as per instruction book coming with it,

Some time in transit or after some time if the bulb get fused, no worry, it’s available on amazon / local market too, you can find it by name of Pure Source India Mirchi Bulb on Amazon, you can buy a bunch of 5 and keep it with you so you can use it if needed,

Simply squeeze the metal clamp from your finger after removing the power cord from plug, and pull it out from the bottom space, hold the bulb by one hand and holder from other hand, pull the bulb out from the 2 pin hole, same way you fix the new bulb and again squeeze the metal clamp to fix it in the space, it’s very simple, if you still facing any issue than you may take help from Customer Support of Pure Source India,

electric aromaelectric aroma

Benefits Of Burning Scented Light In Your Home .

The Aroma Diffuser coming in this pack is very much attractive when you light it on, simple in the term of use, and many more other benefit of the use:-

1. Creates A Happy Home. When you light aroma diffuser in your home, the mood instantly goes up.

2. Evokes Good Memories. Feeling nostalgic? Lighting electric camphor lamp can remind you of certain memories that you associate…

3. Reduces Stress. It’s no secret that burning scented light create a relaxing ambience. This is one of the main reasons…

4. Increases Focus. Once in a while, we struggle to stay focused on one task. Though scented electric burner it’s keep negative energy out and increase the positivity in the place.

5. Keep Bad odor out and purify the hole air naturally if you use it with Kapoor / camphor

diff electricdiff electric

Color and Design Coming in this pack

Kindly note that the color and design coming with this order is as per the main image available in this product, in detail page picture is for ref only,

in the order the product color , design , oil will be as per the main image of product and detail available in the top line.

10 ml Lavender Fragrance Oil
Specific Uses for Product: Can Be Displayed In Your Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Office Etc. It’s Refreshes your mind Saul and body^Care Instructions: Dusting only required when you feel to clean, The Electric Aroma Air Freshener Great For Decor, English Lavender Oil Has Calming Effect Also Known To Get In Full Relax


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