SKINGO Satin Silk Pillow Covers for Hair and Skin-with Satin Scrunchies for Women Stylish 2Pack |Silk scrunchies for Women 3Pack|Silk Pillow Case (Lavender, 4)




Price: ₹1,299 - ₹599.00
(as of Jul 22,2023 11:21:23 UTC – Details)

Gmaan is proud to provide affordable luxury, we believe people of any background should be able to have beautiful, comfortable bedding. Every item we make is crafted with care and made to make customers feel lavish in your home. The silk satin pillowcase features an envelope closure design. Your pillow will be held securely inside the satin pillowcase, and there are no zippers to poke at you while you sleep. Satin pillowcases are naturally cooler to the touch, and they remain cooler as you sleep. This makes them an excellent option for people who run warm, or for use in the warmer months.
💕 SMOOTH ELASIC SCRUNCHIES SILK : It keeps your hair healthy and strong. Satin hair tie for women Prevent breakage, frizz, ponytail bumps and split ends. Satin hair band gives lustrous look. Satin hair scrunchies for women is great for thick or thin hair. Silk scrunchies for hair . Scrunchies Satin are great quality and will work for your hair day in and day out.
💕 MATERIAL : 100% Polyester Satin GMAAN satin pillow case comes with silk scrunchie hair tie for women (3 Pack). This satin pillowcase and satin hair scrunchies for women is made of top quality fabric. For every purchase of satin pillowcase set , you get a 3 pack of satin scrunchie for FREE. Silk pillow cover for hair and skin is available in 12 colors to fulfil everyone’s taste.
💕 100% POLYESTER SATIN : Satin pillow cover utilizes 100% polyester satin to provide resilient feel with a distinctive and lustrous appearance – High quality satin is more sturdy and durable than silk pillowcase, which need professional cares – Luxury silk pillow cases for hair and skin provides smooth and soft feeling to ensure your tight sleep with stain resistant.
💕 BEAUTIFUL HAIR TRICKS : GMAAN satin pillowcase creates less friction of your beautiful curly hairstyle and reduces hair breakage than sleeping on cotton pillowcases – Will not absorb moisture to help retain your shiny hair, perfect for curly hair – Silky and smooth satin pillowcases protect your hair to keep tangle and frizz free. These can be paired up with silk bedsheets for premium home decor bedding.
💕 FACIAL BEAUTY MYSTERY : Satin pillow cases for skin provide a perfect slip and smooth texture to protect your skin against the facial sleep lines that could become deep wrinkles – Silk pillow cover maintains your skin soft and moisturized to beautify your face .Sleeping on a satin pillow case can reduce friction to protect your eyelashes from creasing and stay healthier. Silk pillow case is used worldwide for skin and hair benefits.
💕 HIGH QUALITY STITCHING : GMAAN silk pillow covers for hair and skin carefully wrapped in a exquisite gift box is a perfect gift for any occasion Birthdays for girls, Festivals, Mothers’s day, or Valentine’s day.The satin material thickness is seen to that is neither too thick nor too thin. Satin hair band looks wonderful on your hair.


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